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We have age-level classes for Cradle Roll, Youth, Jr/Sr. high school and Adults.

Also a Jr. Worship service for children up to 3rd grade.


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The North Bend, Oregon USA Church of Christ welcomes you to our website.

We're located at 2761 Broadway, North Bend OR.

Phone: 541-756-4844


 "A Christ-focused family, loving one another, committed to bringing

people to Jesus, equipping the Church for ministry, and developing it to maturity

in order to Glorify God."



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unlocked doors - by bryan johnston

unlocked doors - by bryan johnston

     Don’t you love those friends and families who say “you can come over anytime without an invitation,” those places where if you knocked the owners would be offended if you did? My grandparents’ home was like that. My aunt and uncles place on the farm was like that. And there have been a few dear friends whose houses I am so at home with that I can enter without knocking, usually coming in through the back door. The owners of these houses are gracious hosts where no one is a stranger. For many of these, their homes are never locked and their doors are always open. There have been times when I have entered a beloved’s home without them even there. I was trusted and still welcome to find refuge. The Lord is the Gate for the sheep. He is the doorway into his fold. The Lord welcomes all to come in and go out. There is no need to break in, steal, or destroy. While you are with him he cares for you and provides all your needs. He is the gracious host and he is committed to your flourishing.


     All the sheep find the same comfort and the same attention. Every sheep is loved and cared for personally by the Good Shepherd. He is the gate and all are welcome. How dare anyone keep others from coming to the Lord and sharing in the blessings of His kingdom? Let the Shepherd do his work. Let him do the calling, the correcting, and the judging. Jesus is Lord, so let us not steal his Lordship by lording over others. Our lording may be the block that keeps others from seeing The Gate and knowing the love of the Father. Good news! He leaves his door open for all to come in, to feel at home, and to find refuge. As the Lords people, let us keep our hearts, homes, and doors open where all are welcome and where no one is a stranger.

Bryan Johnston –  preaching minister, North Bend, Oregon USA Church of Christ – nbcoc@hotmail.com


The Shepherd's Voice - by Bryan Johnston

The Shepherd's Voice - by Bryan Johnston

     The young man graduated from Christian College in pursuit of a place to fulfill his calling into the ministry. The Lord led him to a wonderful congregation in Western Montana where he was mentored by a veteran gospel preacher. It seemed that after two summers of becoming a part of that family of faith, that this was the place where the Lord was leading him. Unknown to this young minister, there were greener pastures in the Pacific Northwest that the Good Shepherd had in mind to send his young servant. Upon seeking the Father’s voice and his guidance, the young shepherd was driven to a fold on the coast.

      The young man had no known prior connections to his new home church. The Lord Jesus was the only common relationship he knew of with his new family of sheep. One day one of his elders approached him and said, “I know you.” The new minister was dumbfounded, looking the man up and down and staring intently at his face, he responded, “Sorry, sir you are mistaken, I’ve never seen you before.” The elder turned and said, “I know you because I know your father.”

      Jesus the Good Shepherd knows his sheep by name and leads them out to pasture. The sheep follow him because they know his voice (John 10:3- 4). When others know the words and voice of God, they will know the words and voice of God as spoken by his disciples. Like father, like son, the words of love will be heard. If you know the Father, you will know the son, and if you know the son you will also know the Father. Others will know who you are by how you talk, how you walk, and how you love others well. Follow the voice of the Good Shepherd, he will lead you to where he wants you to be. Take courage you will never be alone because we are all connected through the Father.

-Bryan Johnston

Thank You Lord! - By Bryan Johnston

Thank You Lord! - By Bryan Johnston

     Praise the Lord for his great love and faithfulness. “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him” (1 John 5:16). We had a great week at our SonTreasure Island VBS experiencing and sharing in the love of God. It was a beautiful gathering of the body of Christ. What a joy it was to enter into a house full of children playing, parents talking, saints rejoicing, and disciples serving. We were all hosted around tables of fellowship and with welcoming arms of love. One could just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit filling us with his peace and his grace.


     After a time of food and fellowship, we were all welcomed into a time of joy-filled praise to our God of love. We were reminded that God’s love is giving, kind, and caring. The students were lead in crafts, games, and bible study by our wonderful servants. The children were loved on and cared for by God’s people. Our VBS provided a time for many, many people to join together and serve. The church was edified by the use of many gifts and the kingdom was advanced. The name of Jesus was proclaimed. The love of Christ was shining brightly into the hearts of all who were present. To God be the glory.


     Thank you to all the many, many people who served to make our VBS a great success. Thank you for those who were group leaders, teachers, craft leaders, and game leaders. Thank you for those, who provided, cooked, and served the meals. Thank you for those, who hosted, welcomed, and visited with our visiting parents and children. Thank you for all the prayers.


     Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and your presence with us. Thank you for the opportunity to join you in the work you are doing in the life of our church, our community, and our families. Thank you Lord for using your people to be your hands and feet, and for being your mouthpiece and your ears. Thank you for your great love. Lord continue to grow your kingdom here in this place.


Potato Chip, Potato Chip, Crunchy-crunchy! - By Bryan Johnston

Potato Chip, Potato Chip, Crunchy-crunchy, I love Jesus a Bunchy bunchyJesus’ love is a bubbling over. God is so good. Jesus loves you this I know for the bible tells me so. God made you Thumb-body special and He is my Best Friend. You can cast your burdens unto Jesus because he cares for you. I’ve got joy down in my heart and my God is so big. Whose side are you leaning on? My Father has a big, big house, so come and go with me. The king of the jungle is J-E-S-U-S! With him you can have peace like a river, joy like a fountain, and love like the ocean. If you love Jesus and if you’re happy and you know it, then come let your light shine all around! [We reminded children how to do that at our Vaction Bible School recently]

We had an awesome time sharing God’s love together for four nights 6-8pm, right here at our church building sharing the greatest treasure of all – the love of God through the life of his son Jesus. We welcomed children, families, and guests into the love of God. We began each night with a fellowship meal. We were prepared to eat with and interact with our visitors and  to initiate conversations, ask engaging questions, listen with attentive ears, and respond with love and encouragement. Be praying for our members and guests alike to grow in love with the Lord and our wonderful church family.

Our evenings were highlighted with a wonderful time of praise and worship through our VBS Family Worship Assembly and our Fun-filled classes and stations. We had fun singing songs about our love for the Lord and songs that are just silly and fun. We tried to be a gift by encouraging and guiding our students toward a response of faith and love in the Lord.

All in all, things went very well and we served many by serving and participating in the wonderful work the Lord and got ourselves ..." all wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up in Jesus!" It was great, and we look forward to the next one

Bryan Johnston

(*After-event editing by Mark Magill)

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